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Meet the Designer


I’m Alisa the designer and maker of DMJ. Thank you for being here : )

I've forever been a creative type. I've always dreamt of making things with my hands, putting it out into the world and having someone love it as much as I do that they had to have it at home with them.

So…after raising my children and getting them through college, ending my almost 30 year career in the beauty industry and moving out of Los Angeles to a more remote location, I found myself with the time and energy to focus on what I now wanted to do with my life.

And with that came Davis Mae Jewelry!

People often ask me, are you Davis Mae? No…Davis and Mae are my two daughters middle names. I chose these names while naming my jewelry business because it reminds me of the unmeasurable joy and love that my two girls have brought to me. It also reminds me of the strength, endurance, patience, laughter, heartache, growth, perseverance, empathy, pride, fear and accomplishment that I experienced while raising my girls. As is my experience as an artist while putting all of my heart and soul into my work and then sharing it with you all!

Which has brought me to where I am today; that creator whom I’ve always wanted to be. Working with my hands making beautiful pieces with soul, to be shared and cherished forever.

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

 XO, Alisa