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About Davis Mae Jewelry

Hello! I'm Alisa the creator, maker and designer behind Davis Mae Jewelry. Here's a little bit about me and how DMJ came to be. 
Davis and Mae are my two daughters middle names. I chose these names while naming my jewelry business because it reminds me of the unmeasurable joy and love that my two girls have brought me. It also reminds me of the strength, endurance, patience, laughter, heartache, growth, perseverance, empathy, pride, fear and accomplishment that I experienced while raising my girls. 
I've forever been a creative type. I've always dreamt of making something with my hands and having someone love it so much that they had to take it home with them. I've had a love affair with street fairs and craft-shows since I can remember and aspired to be one of those artist one day. 

Which has brought me to where I am today - an artist, with peace of mind and space for creativity and nurturing my soul. 

Thank you so much for being here and being a part of my  journey.